I tried to not use any lineart and it came out looking like poo poo.

???? nameless OC


my baby gets split in half by a robot goodbye despairing world

I ran out of room to draw in my sketch book, which is the only place I ever draw Clear for some reason.

His hair will never come out like I want it even with the greatest reference ever

….maybe I should try drawing the other Kaworus and see who has the easiest hair to draw yeah


I wanted to finish this but then no.

But here you can see how inconsistent my style is!!

I like the two Shinjis on the left.



It’s kill or be killed

caitlin: diabolik lovers au in which yui in a Strong Female VChahracter who doesnt let dumbass vampires fuck around w her
caitlin: "oh you think of me as a blood bag huh"
caitlin: "well youre my PUNCHING BAG you piece of shit"
caitlin: "/kicks reiji in the crotch"
caitlin: "/destroys countless antique items"
caitlin: "/roars"

Does this count as kawoshin

How do you Shinji